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Friday, March 11, 2011

Tears (someone else's this time)

Before Christmas my sister told me (via google chat which I'm sure was purposeful because she knew I'd yell loudly-- really it was because she could say it in front of her kids, they waited until Christmas morning to surprise them) that her family was planning to adopt.  Her and her husband then spent a few weeks in serious prayer about where they would adopt from.  They were sure that they wanted to adopt 2 boys, but not sure if they should go the domestic or international route.  They felt lead to Ethiopia!!  Yay more Ethiopians in the family!

Side note:  as the youngest of five children I have been so blessed to watch how my siblings deal with situations and learn from them.  I have found this so helpful in so many areas of my life.  I am glad that they share their journeys with me so that I can learn from them.

I felt the need to share that side note because as Megan is dealing with the news that the Ethiopian adoption process is almost certainly going be slowing down, she has been very calm about it and then goes and writes this amazing post....  (and yes, I'm the ugly cry face girl mentioned)


I really haven't cried or wigged out too much about the adoption slow down in Ethiopia. I know that God has the hearts of kings in his hands, but tonight as midnight began to roll around my heart became super heavy. Now I don't get the "cry face" like some sweet people I know, but I am having a hard time shaking this heavy feeling. I decided to check the time in Ethiopia...midnight here is 8am there...the new procedures are taking place. Families who have had referrals in hand will wait for court dates. Babies will be in orphanages longer. All is not well in God's creation-it hasn't been for a good 6,000 years. There is a problem. The spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places are working hard to get us to not trust our mighty King. We pray for the truth to come out through this process, we pray that the adoptions that are done in a righteous way will continue to move along quickly. We pray that the name of our LORD will be glorified through our adoption and the adoption process in Ethiopia. We pray for HIS will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I don't know for sure that we will bring 2 little Ethiopian boys home. I do know that the Lord has called us to adopt and that he has put Ethiopia on our hearts. I also know that I am learning more and more to walk by faith and not by sight. I am glad we serve such a mighty God.

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  1. I am making my ugly cry face too after reading this. JP & I have watched with such discouragement the changes that are being made in the adoption process in Ethiopia.

    I have posted news about it on my FB page, and sent messages to other prayer warriors. Many people are praying for families that are waiting for their precious children from Ethiopia.

    I keep remembering the first picture we ever saw of your darling Melia Serawit. If you put it next to her now, you would never be able fathom that it was the same child.

    We are praying that God would move in the hearts & minds of the people in Ethiopia making decisions. And that He would give His peace, that truly does pass all understanding, to your sister's family, and to all those who are waiting.