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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring and a "string bandaid"

I took this picture yesterday thinking I would write a post about how much we are
loving the awesome weather we are experiencing.  We've spent the last 3 days playing outside.
Addie and Nathan played with these really fun laser for hours one day.
So I took this picture of them playing with the laser guns
meanwhile Caleb got to spend the afternoon with his cousins.
They also played a game of laser tag...

During his game he collided with his cousin and got a gun to the head.
He came home with a small but deep gash on his head 
so we took him to the er.

This was our first stitching incident.  Which I find surprising
cause we have so many little people around here. 

We waited a long time for the doc to see him.
When he came in and took a look at it he said
"we're going to have to use a string bandaid on that one"
Caleb responded with
"you mean stitches?"
He wasn't going to be fooled.

Caleb was determined to document the time with pictures
so that he could share the experience with Nathan. 
So here are the pictures...

He made us stand up so that he could get a picture of the chairs. 

Keeping Grammy and Aunt Meg updated on the process
or lack thereof. 
(Thanks Meg for staying with the sleeping kiddos).  

Caleb was such a good patient.  The numbing gel didn't 
work as expected and he could feel as doctor stitched him up
but he was such a trooper.
Here's the final outcome at 2am...

Today this cutie decided she was going to potty train herself.
She had quite a successful morning actually. 

Cuddly sisters...

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  1. Love the visual update. I can feel that I was there without having all the wait. He did great!!