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Friday, March 11, 2011

loved this..

i had an awesome time watching My Name is Khan with the lovely Elena.
being a dearborner i have a great love for muslims.
i have amazing neighbors and it's great to live in a community that's so full of hospitality.
watching this movie reminded me that not everyone shares my view of muslims
 and often times muslims endure hardships because of hate mongers. 
anyway, this is a great movie and you should watch it. 
really watch it! 
it's on netflix instant play--- thanks lara!

here's another thing that i loved today....
a sweet friend of mind sent me this email

As I read the devotional in my Women's Bible for John 20:29, I thought of you.  Here it is:
Sitting on my bookshelf is a book published several years ago called The Myth of Uncertainty.  The title alone catches my eye and speaks to me with a ring of truth.  How I long for a world of black and white, good and bad, yes and no; a world of clear-cut distinctions and effortless decisions because the good and bad can be easily identified.  No blurring rationalizations.  No complicating considerations.
But clear-cut distinctions and effortless choices aren't true to my experience of life.  Between black and white are shades of gray.  Between good and bad are confusing questions.  Between yes and no is a strong maybe.
he fact of the matter is, no matter how black and white and absolute some defenders of the faith portray the gospel, I simply can't buy that line.  My experience and the experience of people of faith throughout the centuries, is one of a God who meets us in the questions, who honors our seeking, and who created us to be intelligent beings.  When it comes to faith, if we're looking for proof and certainty, we won't find it.
Living at the heart of faith is living with uncertainty, trusting in the unseen.  Somewhere along the way, we have to leap the chasm between that which we know absolutely and that which calls us from within.  Yet even in our uncertainty, we walk in the presence of the holy.  
God is far more interested in our honesty that our piety.  We have only to offer him a willing heart and truthful spirit and He'll take it from there, meeting us in the chasm as we make the leap.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Lauren. And for having the courage to say you love Muslims. The Lord has also blessed me with a love for the Muslim people, and I have the great joy of having dear Muslim friends on Facebook.
    Yesterday I watched the documentary: "Birmingham Sunday". It recounted the horrible bombing of a church in 1963, which killed 4 young girls. Watching the civil rights movement documentaries makes me so sad, I just don't understand how there could be so much hate.
    JP & I talked about it when he got home. We have both been VERY upset by the "radical Muslim" hearings taking place right now. We wondered if a time would come when we would need to march, like they did in the '60's to show our love & support of Muslims here in the USA.
    Sending love & hugs & prayers.