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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michael's Insane Schedule

So Michael is coaching both the Varsity soccer team at his school and the boys U5 team, the Thundercats. On Tuesdays he will work all day then go to soccer practice with the boys, then have about 45 minutes before he has to go to Fordson's practice. Which brings us to him arriving at home at 8ish. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday he has games. On Thursday he only has 1 practice, then I have Bible Study. He only has 1 Saturday game. So we'll catch up with him then:) The boys soccer games are on Sunday. Soccer, soccer, soccer! :0

All of this on top of teaching rascally teenagers. Yikes! At least our home is super quiet and peaceful--almost!

This was our first Tuesday with this schedule. The kids and I had to drive to Lansing to pick up our van that was getting repaired and come back in time to make it to practice. This whole schedule is even more wacked out because Michael's hooptie, which was given to us and has been a real blessing, isn't working. So today we had to chauffeur him to and from practice. We're trying to decide if it's worth putting more $ into it.

We're all pretty pooped tonight, except for Caleb who's totally wired because his best friend Zoe just got home after being gone half the summer. Anyway, I'm hope Michael can keep up with this crazy schedule. I'm tired just thinking about it.

This is last season's Thundercats team. Nathan is so excited that he's 3 now and gets to be on the team too!

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  1. You keep changing your background -it's cool. We are here to support you any way you need it in this crazy season (literally)!