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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Continued Conversation in the car...

Nathan remembered our conversation from dinner and out of the blue on the way to Grammy's:

Nathan: "Mommy are you going to drop us?"
It took me a minute to make the connection.
L: "No honey, it's just a phrase people say. It means I'm going to take you to Grammy's and then leave"
C (very matter-of-fact): "Nathan, it means that Mommy is going to throw us in Grammy's house."
L (cracking up): "No, I'm not going to be dropping or throwing anyone!!!! I'm really just going to take you to Grammy's house to play, then Mommy or Daddy will pick you up later."

By the way they were talking you'd think that I spend a lot of time dropping or throwing them. I must admit I'm a little clumsy and have dropped many things. Maybe even fallen down the stairs with Nathan resulting in a spiral fracture on his little, 18 month old leg (real traumatizing for all involved). But I've never thrown anyone!
Those idioms will getcha every time.

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  1. So cute - I love hearing the funny conversations people have with kids. Brian was just telling me I should start blogging also to record some of the things Trevor does & says, after I was telling him a funny conversation we had had (not sure that will happen any time soon).

    By the way, I love the background and setup :).

    Love you guys!!