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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fordson Soccer

(This is from Michael) Lauren asked me to put a link to the article about the soccer team that I coach. It is from the Dearborn Press and Guide. I am coaching at Fordson High School for the first time this year. It's been pretty fun so far, but a lot of work, responsibility, and sometimes heightened nerves! The article was written about our first game, which we won 8 - 0, (the article says 9 - 0). I can't take much credit for the win....I have a lot of good players, and I just watch and say, "great job! Keep it up!"

My counseling degree is coming in handy, as some of my players seem to be a little on the sensitive side. I had to stop practice last Friday to remind my players that we don't chew each other out when they make a mistake. I told them to use a kind and gentle tone when speaking to their teammates and to be encouraging. Sounds pretty sappy for a guys varsity soccer team!

So here is the article if you want to read it:

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  1. Congratulations Michael -- Keep up the good work!