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Shine like stars in the universe as we hold out the Word of life (Phil. 2:15)
We're not trying to be rock stars but just shed some light on a sad and lonely world. Stay tuned for how God works through weak and tired, sometimes really cranky vessels.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I was scared

We've known since we met our sweet Ethiopian that she was an amazing communicator.  Here's a post I wrote just one week after having her in our arms.  At that point in time she would communicate (without words) about how she wanted us to hold her bottle while feeding her or how she wanted to be held while we read her a book.  Sixteen months later and a whole world of vocabulary she's able to communicate emotions.

We have a picture book that has Melia's referral pictures in it and a few pictures of our family all together.  I wish it was the book we sent her while she was in Ethiopia but I promptly lost that within months of bringing her home.  That's how I roll, I lose things a lot.  The good thing is that because of my forgetfulness I've learned to hold loosely to possessions.  Anyway, I found Addie picture book the other day and it's become one of the books I read with Melia before nap.

Tonight while Michael was putting her to bed they were looking through the photo album when they got to the picture that was just Caleb, Nathan, and Addie.
Melia asked "Was I borned?"
Michael replied "you were born.  You were in Ethiopia.  We were waiting to bring you home.  Do you remember when we brought you home?"
She nodded.
Michael asked "What was it like?"
She said "I was scared of Mommy and Daddy."
Michael asked "Are you scared of us now?"
Melia giggled and said "No, mommy and daddy always come back."

Here's some pictures of the first time we met her....

Yeah, it was really sad.  They aren't pictures that will be posted on the cover of any adoption magazine.  But she's right there was definitely fear here.  She grieved heartily.  She wasn't so sure about the Lord's choice in parents for her (I don't blame her, we're real white) but now 16 months later, there's no place she'd rather be than with us.  Michael and I weren't surprised at her response to us.  The amazing woman who runs Hannah's Hope, Almaz (for some reason this is the only picture I can find of her), warned us that Serawit was very attached to her special nannies and would have a hard time coming to us. 
It's incredible to me that in such a short time she's completely comfortable with us and knows that she's safe.  Her confidence in me "always coming back" makes me feel so content.  I praise the Lord that He used us to heal her broken heart while blessing us with the joy that comes from being with this magnetic little girl.  

I'm also completely shocked that she was able to verbalize her fear of us when we first met.  It makes my heart so sad that in her short life she has had to go through so much but I'm amazed at her resilience.  What an amazing child, thank you Lord that she's mine! 


  1. This just brings true. With both of our children there were things I saw and can see looking back and now they know they are secure, and I cannot wait until our next adoption is complete! beautiful post!

  2. Awww.....yeah. Jonathan got so upset he puked in my hair...not going to make any adoption magazine covers either :0 he he he

    BUT now- he is attached to my hip. LOVES his family....and knows we aren't going anywhere. LOVE God's healing power.

  3. Wow, that made me cry. Love her & love you all!! (the last picture of her is so stinking cute!)

  4. Totally makes me tear up and anxious to see how my own little sweetie responds to us. What an amazingly strong girl! You are blessed to have each other.

  5. Those pictures remind me a lot of our first meeting with E. I don't remember how old Melia was when you brought her home, but E was 10 months old. She recently has said some things about her time in Ethiopia (she's 27 months now). I know that seems impossible, but it isn't stuff we've talked about much (or actually would even know) so it always sort of shocks me when it happens. I don't know if people always believe me about what she says because she was a baby when we brought her home... but I've also learned that babies deserve a lot more credit than we give them sometimes.

    Anyway, it just seems like had similar experiences. Glad to hear we're not the only ones!!