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Friday, April 29, 2011

House Church and toots

Here's an article about house churches....

Here's post from Jared, who happens to be one of our house church peeps.   He addresses some of the issues that people have with house church.

The last 4 months of us experimenting with house church has been great for our family.  We don't have anything against the institutional church.  It has just been such a rich time for us to really dig into the Bible, lots of prayer and holding each other accountable for living out what we are reading.  We practiced being a family together and each time we meet we eat together, pray, read and all the while laugh a lot.  A few weeks ago Addie contributed to our meeting by tooting ridiculously loudly throughout our communion time-- as always the Gothros are keeping it real!  I love it because everyone in our house church rolls with it and that, my friends, is what adds to the family feeling.


  1. Lauren,
    I love the concept of house church, have never been able to try it though. Thanks for the info! I can't believe how quickly your kids are changing -- I miss you! Tim's church used to have fellowship houses when he was in college which sounds similar to what you are doing. I guess though it is somewhat between house church and small groups as it is still attached to an institutional church. Thanks again for posting!

  2. Hey Lauren,

    Your house church sounds absolutely wonderful as a true way to worship our Lord, and to be with brothers & sisters in Christ. Living your faith all the time, showing & including your children, accountability, support -- so many things!

    As far as needing a pastor to make sure you don't slide from "church doctrine", (from the article you had the link too)...well, JP & I talked about that. There are SO many different denominations in this country. And around the world. Christian congregations argue about everything from infant baptism vs baptism when someone makes a commitment. Do you "sprinkle" or "dunk" when you baptized? Do you ordain women? Or forbid them from speaking/teaching even in a small group?

    Is any of that really important?

    So, hold strong & fast and have a true fellowship in your house church.