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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's been a year!

A year ago today my life was deeply changed. We got the call we had prayed and waited for. The wait seemed so long and miserable. It's amazing how life on the other side of waiting flies by.

A year ago today we got the call! We met our sweet girl through pictures. We got the call...."I'd like to tell you about a baby girl." We heard about our baby girl. The girl of our dreams, the girl we had been praying about for over a year. As I write this I cry bitter sweet tears. I am so blessed by Melia Serawit and it's insane how much I love her and how immeasurably happy she has made our family but it breaks my heart to think about her birth mother who a year ago at this time was mourning the loss of her baby, and she probably still is.

From the time we started praying about adoption and praying for our babe, we also prayed for her birth family and we still do. I don't know how the spiritual realm works but I do feel a connection to her through the greatest Father of all. I've also been amazed lately as I've read my Bible at the references to the Lord being close to the poor and the broken hearted. I trust that He's comforting Melia's birth family.

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Cute kids for your viewing pleasure....

They are the boys' biggest fans at the soccer games!
Addie looks like she's crying but she's really cheering:)

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