Shine Like Stars

Shine like stars in the universe as we hold out the Word of life (Phil. 2:15)
We're not trying to be rock stars but just shed some light on a sad and lonely world. Stay tuned for how God works through weak and tired, sometimes really cranky vessels.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One month ago we invaded her world

A month ago today we met our sweet Serawit for the first time. We flipped her world upside down. She had been in our hearts since the moment we saw her picture and we'd been praying and praying for her for a year before that. We had been praying for her since June 2008 which was probably when she was in her birth mothers womb. So for us this moment was long in coming, but not for our babe who had already lost her birth mother and attached to the nannies at HH. We were taking her out of her comfortable world. These pictures capture her feelings about that.....

By the time we left Ethiopia she liked us:) More Michael than I, but over the past 3 weeks I've really grown on her and she loves me! It's really amazing how far she's come and how comfortable she feels with us now.
She loves her siblings and her new home. She's showing great signs of attachment. Mainly wanting me to hold her all the time.
She loves to laugh.
She is very good at communicating her wants and desires, which often cracks us up. She'd drink bottle after bottle if we let her. When she finishes one she clearly lets us know she'd like another.
Also, if anyone in the house is eating she can sense it and immediately begs for food. She's gotta eat a lot to keep that chunk going.

A month later and look how happy our girl is......

She likes her hommous.


Not only is she happy, we are too! It feels like she's been here all along. Our family feels complete and it's amazing to have her home.

Now, it's great but it's also crazy having 4 kids 5 and under. Some days I think I'm going to lose my mind, but I've made it so far. Some nights are rough and I wonder if I'll ever sleep again. Which makes for cranky mommy mornings. But thank the Lord for coffee.
Pretty soon here we'll get into a good groove. This week we started Classical Conversations with the boys. It'll be good to have a little more structure around the house.

Regardless of all that, we are so glad to have our sweet Melia Serawit home!!


  1. Love the pics. She is such a precious angel. I am sure she was attached to her nannies and loves her Mommy and Daddy very much. Prayers are with you and your family.

  2. It's so hard to believe it has only been a month -- but sometimes it seems like she has always been with you! I'm so glad you took so many pictures of her sad in Ethiopia - just so we all remember. You & Michael & your kiddos have worked so hard to help her attach & adjust.
    You are ever in our prayers!

  3. Thank you for sharing the photos and your stories. She is precious.

  4. great pics..she is a doll..I also had 4 children in exactly 5 was crazy..but so much fun that we had to had little miss LL to the mix...which meant I had 5 kids in 6 yrs...:) And, no..i'm guessing i'll never sleep again!! Sleep is for wimps!! :) LOL kristi