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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hope from Haiti

he Howerton Family welcomed Keanan home today! Yay, praise the Lord.
The first time I heard about the earthquake my immediate prayer was that the children that were in the midst of adoption would be brought home quickly. Waiting for Melia Serawit to come home for 2 1/2 months was insanely hard. And I knew that she was safe and sound. I can't imagine what adoptive parents of Haitian children have felt. Now there are more orphans than ever in Haiti. I'm praying that all these helping organizations can unite and help come up with a plan for these children.

Update on our fundraising for World Wide Village.... Thanks to everyone who joined in.... We have donated $150 to World Wide Village and $50 to the Red Cross.

And here's the really crazy update....still wanting to do more for Haiti, I signed up to run a half marathon! Umm yeah, I hate running. I'm really slow and thoroughly don't enjoy it. But I also hate feeling hopeless about the suffering in Haiti and the children who have been orphaned. The run is on May 1st so I have time to train and raise $2,500 that will be donated help orphans. Click here to find out more about Team Up 4 Orphans.

And here's some cute kid pix:

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  1. How do we sponsor you for your run?!

    Great pics! You're all in our prayers! ;-)