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Monday, June 29, 2009

Worth the wait

We received an awesome gift in the mail today. Thank you so much Jean!!!

Worth the wait pillow. This makes me cry a little, our baby
girl really is worth the wait.

~There's no where on earth I wouldn't go to bring you
home to me.
~My heart and my baby are in Ethiopia

Shirts for all the kids
~My sister is waiting for me in Ethiopia.

and cute baby shirts that I can't wait for our baby to wear!

Caleb was in love with the shirt and is now sleeping with the pillow. He, like the rest of us, are so excited about our baby. This gift was a good reminder that she is worth the wait!
I love when people ask me about the process and where we are at in it. But lately I've been frustrated with giving everyone the same answer....#18, Hopefully by Christmas, which is really just a guess. I want to have a more pat answer like my due date is.... But such is the process with adoption and as I've seen in other families and will experience soon, She's worth the wait!
We have a phone interview with Katelyn's Fund for a grant in 15 minutes. Hopefully it goes well!

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  1. You are right - these kids are worth the wait. I needed to hear that tonight. I would love to have a due date also and am getting tired of not having any news. I keep trying to remind myself that as much as I would like it to's not about me. :)
    I hope your grant interview went well!