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Shine like stars in the universe as we hold out the Word of life (Phil. 2:15)
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Wemonade for Afwica

All summer long Caleb has been wanting to have a lemonade stand and also asking me if he can give some of his toys to people that don't have any. So last Friday I decided it was time to follow through with his good ideas. We made a poster days earlier and while I was babysitting for my sweet nieces and nephew we had the lemonade stand.

They were all so sweet and a lot of people stopped and gave them $. Everytime a car would drive by Nathan would say "Wemonade for Afwica" with his raspy, little voice. He was so adorable. Our neighbors were so great too. We only had our little stand open for an hour and the kids made $35.00.
We used the money to buy mosquito nets from Sharing International . I got the idea from this great website: They feature monthly projects for kids to raise money for. The nets were the project for June but Caleb was set on getting those. He's had his run ins with bugs this summer and wants to help protect people in Liberia:)

Here's a blurb from KidsLake about this project:

In Liberia mosquitoes are EVERYWHERE! Here in America if we get bit by a mosquito it is not really a big deal. Sure, they itch but we do not fear for our lives! In Liberia most mosquitoes carry a deadly disease called malaria. Kids over in Liberia have to be protected not only during the day but also at night while they sleep! Their houses don't have good roofs and doors so mosquitoes can get in.Malaria kills 58 kids in Liberia a day! 58!How we can help:Earn,Save and Raise your money for mosquito nets.They are seven dollars for one mosquito net but they will cover four kids! The orphanage they will be going to sleeps two kids on each bunk. So seven dollars could help save four precious lives!


  1. That is so cool ... great idea. And only from the mouths of babes, right? :)

  2. They are cute! That boy is destined for something great!!

  3. Thank you SO much! These pictures are so sweet. . .don't you just LOVE seeing our kids really get the idea?! That's my favorite thing. I think we are doing sno cones next week! oh yeah, in Orlando it's still in the 90's!