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Shine like stars in the universe as we hold out the Word of life (Phil. 2:15)
We're not trying to be rock stars but just shed some light on a sad and lonely world. Stay tuned for how God works through weak and tired, sometimes really cranky vessels.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"I'm so glad my kids aren't pukers"

Why do I do it? Why do I say stuff like that? I'm only asking for trouble. I don't remember who or what I was talking about, but I remember making this comment in the recent past. It's true usually they don't puke, but still I shouldn't say it. Asking for trouble and received trouble.

Lots of puke from Caleb last night. Michael took care of most of it, which was so wonderful. The middle of the night puke all over the bed isn't my thing (like it's Michael:) ). So we didn't sleep much. Caleb came into our bed, then when Nathan came in our room (as he does every night) I said "you have to go into your bed because there's no room, Caleb's sick" he gave me the evil eye for a really long time. I'd close my eyes for a while, when I opened them again--still with the eye. I was scared of him so I let him in. I then became a mommy sandwich. I had no space. I would look over at Michael sleeping peacefully with no one touching him and push Caleb over to cuddle with Michael but he'd always come back.

Around 5:00 I made the biggest mistake of the night--Gave Caleb the water he'd been asking for. 10 minutes later I had puke all over my back. Gross. Sick. Disgusting. Showers all around. Long night, leads to a long day....

I think the worst part of the ordeal was the smell. It's the worst. It lingered on Caleb even after his shower. It make me a little nauseous to think about it.

Now I get to go and fold the 3 loads of laundry...

Any idea how to get puke smell out of the mattress? The last time I washed the sheets, the mattress pad was still wet when it was bed time so I made the bed without it on. Hence the puke on the mattress......


  1. I think you take the cover off the febreeze bottle and just dump it on the mattress. No need to spray, just dump.
    Sorry about your night, that totally stinks (pun intended)

  2. I'm so sorry, it sounds awful - I hope Caleb is starting to feel better and no one else got sick. Love you guys!! Oh, and no idea about getting smells out - I hate the lingering smells.