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Friday, May 18, 2012

Accurate Adoption Language

I just stumbled on this tonight and I think it's so great I have to share it.  I think a lot of times people refrain from asking us about adoption because they don't know the correct terminology.  I think it'd be great to spread this info around.

Michael is really good at quickly letting people know when they have used the wrong terminology when referring to our "own" kids.  He's really straight forward, yet gentle about making sure everyone knows all of our children are our own.

Words have implications.  Even if the speaker doesn't mean them to hurt, sometimes a misspoken word can cause deep pain.  There are few terms on this list I need to work on....

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  1. Wonderful post and extra special list of words - I've saved the PDF and will pass out hard copies, e-mail copies, and post on FB when I return to it!!! Love you all so much!!! XOX Jean