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Shine like stars in the universe as we hold out the Word of life (Phil. 2:15)
We're not trying to be rock stars but just shed some light on a sad and lonely world. Stay tuned for how God works through weak and tired, sometimes really cranky vessels.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Candid camera type days..

Cute kid pictures first...

Nathan's our little theologian.  
He was reading this children's lift the flap Bible this morning and noticed 
that there were Bible references on the pages. 
So he went through each story and read from his Bible and the kiddie Bible 
and pointed out the differences between the stories.  
All of this was on his own.  I would never had come up with this idea especially the 
way the last couple of days have gone.

Cute cheese!

Addie is hard at work with a card for Ms. Austia.

They wanted me to take a picture to send into the Lego magazine people.

Now on to my candid camera kind of days....

After coming home from the amazing conference, I was hoping to have a normal fun 
week with the kids.  But I felt sick, Addie was sick and Melia was getting over being sick 
so she was very cranky.  For some reason I decided Monday was the day to clean out
the kids trashed room and I had the boys help me get rid of a lot of unnecessary toys and simplify.
(This may not seem like an important part of the story but it is)
Doesn't the room look cute?  It's been covered with junk for the last few months....

So the kids have these round rugs from Ikea that were on the floor 
and I decided it would be a good idea to wash them.
After all I just washed my couch cushions for the first time ever and I was amazed at the results.
I had no idea I could wash them.  I was too excited about that for days.
So I threw them in the washer.

Fast forward to Tuesday...
Candid camera moment #1
Still feeling sick, still wishing my girls were feeling better.
During a diaper wrestling match  mishap,  I wind up with Melia poop
all over my favorite pj pants (the amazing zebra print pants), my sweatshirt,
the floor.... you get the point. 
SO after bathing the baby I run downstairs to take care of the crap.
Only to find that my washing machine has some kind of crazy code blinking on it.
I looked in the wash tub there was a ridiculous amount of a substance that looked like sand in it.
After way too long of trying to just get the stupid door open I gave up and collapsed on the couch. 
Then I had another go at it and ended up having to take it apart in order to get the water to drain. 
While the water was draining all over the floor, the floor drain pipe became clogged and water
was everywhere, my poor girls were a little traumatized by there momma pretending to be a plumber. 
I finally ended up going to bed.
This is what the situation looked like this morning....

So somehow when washed an insane amount of sandy stuff came out of these rugs.
Am I missing something?  Are Ikea rugs secretly made out of sand? Do I actually live by
the seashore like I've always imagined in my head?  WHERE the heck did this come from. 
Oh, and the rugs are a soaking, stinking mess.... nice.

Picture of the poop clothes minus the zebra pants.

Picture of the wound incured while trying to repair the washing machine (don't ask).
Melia has been very distraught about this cut all day.  "Mommy owwiee?"

I was doing fairly well with all of this, especially while feeling sick.  Thanks to "The Song" 
I'll tell you about later.

While I was rocking Melia to sleep Addie ran upstairs and said
I made a big mess.  I thought, no surprise just one of the 10 spills we have a day.
I told I'd help her in a few minutes.
Addie had extremely underestimated the mess and misunderstood that she was the cause.
My awesome husband, who did an amazing time taking care of the kids while I was gone,
in order to remove perler beads from immediate use threw them on top of this cupboard,
on top of a puzzle, which is on top of some wires 
(don't be too jealous of my stellar housekeeping skills) 

When Addie opened the door to get a puzzle out 
BAM!  Perler bead explosion.

I didn't get a picture of the ridiculous mess, but it was bad.
The kids spent a long time cleaning it up and there's still so many 
more on the ground. 
Caleb was my main cleaner today.  He was so intrigued by the sand
in the laundry room.  He cleaned it all up while creating wild ideas about
where it came from.  He was a champ with the beads too. 

I can be obsessive and since I heard this song at my retreat, I've been obsessed.
My poor kids.  I've listened to it way too many times.  


So as I was cleaning the poop off the floor 
or wrestling with the washing machine 
I was thinking for today the poop and plumbing was
the "wild" part of my day and even though it's not how I planned
 it can still be full of Him 
and it was and so I'm blessed. 

I should have titled this "way too long blog post" huh? 


  1. Had one of those weeks too. I started reading "Having a Mary heart in a Martha world" this week and I am so amazed at how often I get distracted by all the "junk". Praising God with you and praying that our distractions will be turned to praise! And if you ever need an actual plumber my parents own a business that does that. :)

  2. Oh dear.....not so much fun :( Praying the washer is ok in the end.

  3. YEAH! The song! "It's gonna be wild..." Always is with you. I love it.

  4. love that your little one is already quite the theologian!

  5. will you take off the picture of your nasty finger and put one of Melia's cute hair?

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    Love the new blog title!