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Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm outta here and a recap of house church tonight

I signed up for the Created for Care retreat months ago.  I think it's going to be an amazing time of rest and fellowship with other mommas.  I'm a excited about getting away but I'm also a bit nervous about leaving these little people.  I know, they have a really great Dad who's going to take good care of them, but since it's my job to do this all the time I feel the need to act like life at home can't go on without me.  :)

It's super strange to be packing just for myself.  I actually haven't started packing, instead I made some goodie bags for the kids so they will remember just how cool I am even though I'm not home.  And I figured the novelty of a couple toys will help Michael this weekend.

Here are a few random, cute pix of my girls...

On another note, tonight we had house church and it was so great.  In our internship we do a lot of reading about house churches and how they work.  After doing house church for a month, I'm realizing that the authors of those books aren't just making things up, real community, fellowship, growth, accountability and most of all love happens in houses!  I love how simply reading the Word and praying with a group of people can feel like such a profound thing has happened.

It's also amazing how real we are with each other and how genuinely excited we are when people share the good things that are happening in their lives.  I'm looking forward to continuing to have times of sharing when hard things are happening in our lives too.  Really, it just feel like a family getting together to learn more about Jesus, there's laughing and talking, some drinking (maybe of the malt kind) and eating, and lots of prayer, which unfortunately I didn't experience that much in traditional church.  Not because people in normal churches don't love to pray.  I know that is not true, it's just the the structure of church, no matter how informal it is,  does not put me at ease like hanging out in someone's house and sharing life with them. Maybe it's just me.  But regardless of what it is, I'm just happy to have meet with the Lord and some really cool people tonight.

Oh, one more thing.... my heart almost burst tonight when I heard Caleb, my almost 7 year old, join in our prayer time by praying Ephesians 6:16-17.  A sweet heart felt prayer about being ready to share Christ with others.  It was precious.

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  1. My heart almost burst, too. That boy has Jesus in him and it is AWESOME.