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Shine like stars in the universe as we hold out the Word of life (Phil. 2:15)
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Caleb's 6th Birthday

Earlier this week I had grand visions of writing a long post about my sweet boy, Caleb. I was planning on posting pictures from when he was a baby and writing about how he is such a gracious child. He is so easy to forgive when others wrong him and he loves to smile. And I had a whole bunch of other stuff to say but..... my life happened and I have no energy for that type of post. So, instead I have posted a bunch of pictures of the fabulous day we had today to celebrate my amazing boy turning 6.

He started the day with some
present opening.

Then we met Rhi-Rhi and the boys
and Aunt Meg and her crew at

Natie on the zip line.

Melia with her boy Eli
(isn't he super cute?)

Lovin' on his mommy.

Yesterday we decided to have a party and
all of these lovely people joined us tonight on
such short notice!
Caleb loves big parties.

Opening presents
(I had told Caleb last night that when I invited
people to the party I told them not to bring a present
and for him not to expect presents. When people started
coming in with presents he said excitedly,
"They brought presents even though my mom told them not too!"

Loving the Obi-Wan suit from
Bubba and Grammy.
He opened up his presents from us late tonight.
I found the sweatbands and glass at the dollar spot
at Target and I knew he'd love them.
(oh, and they were 50% off, too)

And sweet, silly Addie.


  1. So sorry that we weren't able to be a part of the birthday fun! Happy birthday, Caleb! I know I can trust you to pass that along to him. He is such a sweet, precious, kind, and forgiving boy! Miss him lots and lots!

  2. Happy, happy Birthday, Caleb!! It looks like you had a wonderful day!! May the force grow strong within you this next year!

  3. I love all the dress-up, my kids are in character constantly... never a dull moment!