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Shine like stars in the universe as we hold out the Word of life (Phil. 2:15)
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy Girl

So I've been hearing about how great Coconut oil is from a few sources. One is from this blog. In anticipation of Melia's hair getting long enough to style I've been doing some reading. Anyway, apparently coconut oil is good for the hair, the skin, and it's good to eat too. I took these pictures after I slathered her up with coco oil. She was so kissable all day. She also had no interest in getting dressed and I didn't object. I love kissing that chunky belly!!

The other night when I was making her bottle with a scoop of coconut oil, Michael said "didn't you just put that in her hair this morning?" He thinks I'm more nuts than usual. He's probably right.
Oh and in case anyone's wondering....chip clips and water bottle = hours of baby entertainment.
She found this in the recycling bin and was quite proud of herself. She's giving me a stare down. Wondering if I'm going to take it away from her.

She's got such a huge personality. I love it!


  1. Lolo you are right, Coconut oil is good for the hair and skin, we have many products with it in Brazil. We cook with it too BUT it has a lot of calories. I would skip the bottle...

  2. soooo cute...thanks for sharing

    karen adopting 2 from ET
    referral coming VERY SOON..yay!!

  3. JP & I were talking about Melia's hair just the other day, because we noticed it is growing. And we had just seen an African American child on a TV commercial with really long hair that just went all over -- kind of cute! Then we were commenting that if Melia's hair was that long that Addie could put barettes in it, and ribbons, and crayons, and glue, and butter :-)
    We're looking forward to when she is old enough to sit still & get the little braids all over her head with the beads!! (And a note about little ponytails & braids for little kids -- I used the kind of rubber bands that kids put on their braces when my girls were really tiny & they worked so well!)