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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Melia Update

One of the reasons I was itching to get our travel date (besides the obvious reason of just wanting my baby) was because our agency gives out updates of our children with the travel date. Ours came today. I have to share the words used to describe this new little Gothro....
Serawit is a content baby most of the time. She has huge personality and has very strong will. She takes everything in around her. She is not willing to go to people she is not familiar with. Most likely she will have hard time at first in going to her new family as she is very attached with her special mothers and knows her surroundings really well—she has a hard time with changes.
I am in love with the idea of her having a huge personality. I'm wondering, what exactly does that mean and I can't wait to find out. I'm also asking for prayer for her as we will be changing her world in 25 days. Please pray that she'll surprise her nannies by not being scared of us.
She takes in everything around cute is that?
Her attachment to the special mothers is good, hopefully she'll be able to attach well with us too.
She has a very strong will.... hehehehehee, this just makes me smile and want her with me!

Here are some of the families we will be traveling with the Pratts, the Derloshons, and the Stewards.
Wow, this really happening! I'm going to Ethiopia to pick up my Melia. Whoot, whoott!!!
Michael's really excited too. It was evident in the way that he booked our flights to Ethiopia even when our agency said that the dates were just tentative and to wait for finalization. He felt like making it final himself, so he did and we have flights! He's currently booking the flights for me to take the stateside kids to go to North Carolina, Thanks Uncle Lee for the frequent flyer miles. You rock!!


  1. Although we are very sad we are not traveling with you we are oh so happy for you guys! Soon she will be in your arms!

  2. I'm sad that you aren't traveling too. I'm praying that you pass court this next time and find out your travel dates soon after that!!

  3. You've got an awesome travel group! Wish we were going to be in it (but we'll be counting on you to check on our sweetie pie and let her know we're coming (hopefully not long after you)). Y'all are going to have such a great trip. Cannot wait for you to meet Melia and will be praying for a smooth transition for her. Hope to talk soon.

  4. JP & I laughed out loud while reading: "she has a strong will." LOL!!! She just sounds so alert & ready to explore! We will be praying for the transitions she has ahead of her, and for her attachment to your family. It is a good thing to hear that she does form strong attachments! Praying for everything!! Big hugs to all of you!!

  5. Oh, that is such a great update. Sounds like they are really focusing on making her transition as smooth as possible by making sure everyone understands what her personality can handle. Very exciting that you'll be traveling so soon...good luck getting ready!

  6. What good news.

    It is terrific news she is so attached to her caregivers. If Melia attached once she will attach again- it might be a tough first month but then smooth sailing.

    what a great Christmas present for your family.

  7. I did the exact same thing!
    Daddy Steward