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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Heart Katelyn's Fund

We had our interview for an adoption grant on Monday and it went so well. I was a little worried about it...both Michael and I on speaker phone with a bunch of people we don't know...the idea was a little intimidating, mainly I was concerned the Michael and I would interrupt or bicker with eachother during the call and sound like idoits. I'm not sure why this was my concern but it was. It's not like that happens all the time but in nerve-racking situations we both can want to get our point all of that was what was going through my head before the call. I decided Michael would be the main "talker" and I would add little tidbits. Having a 'game plan' helps me.

Anyway, the interview was amazing. We spoke with 5 or 6 people on Katelyn's Fund board and they were so nice. They asked us all about our desire to adopt and the process thus far and how a grant would help us. Then they each prayed for us. It was so encouraging! During the prayer I got my ugly cry face (I will share more of the ugly cry face in another post) on a couple times, which made Michael chuckle a little. So I was sniffling and he was chuckling....but beside for that we were normal:) They really are a great organization. They told us to email them with any prayer requests we may have through out this process. We felt so much support from them.

We won't find out if we get the grant until the board meets again next month. Just talking about our journey reminded Michael and I that the Lord has blessed us with the finances this far and He will provide the rest as well.

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  1. HA! I had to laugh at your trip to the library...we also have a bike trailer and man o man it gets heavy quick!! I hope your grant comes thru. we never applied for any just plugged along and GOD provided, but the help would have been nice :) good luck!