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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Favorite Thing about Jesus
(Michael)Tonight when I was putting Caleb to bed, (interestingly enough, it always seems to be bedtime when we have he best spiritual conversations with Caleb and Nathan), I asked him what his favorite thing about Jesus was. He responded quickly, "that He died on the cross to pay for my sins". I asked him, "what do you think would happen if Jesus didn't pay for our sins?" He responded, "He would look at us and see all the sins on us and say, 'Oops! I forgot to pay for his sins!'" I responded, (after laughing), "But he didn't forget to pay for our sins, did he?" Caleb responded, "Nope. Look dad, I don't have anything on my face, (I assume he was referring to sins)".
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Theatre
Caleb and I had a date last week to see the Velveteen Rabbit with his preschool. He wsa so cute. I loved watching him in awe of the theatre. As the play started he leaned over and whispered in my ear "I've never seen a play before," it was so cute.Later, one of the characters, Montana, was singing a silly song with a lot of falsehoods in it. I was wondering if we were going to have to reteach him about what wind is or that snow falls from the sky, but again he leaned over and whispered, "Mommy, she's not right." Half way through the play Caleb noticed that Mrs. Hadley who was sitting in front of us was sitting alone and he asked if he could sit next to her. It was very cute, although I was sad to have lost my dream date:)
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The Shack
I love this book. It's really been an amazing new way for me to view the Lord. Here's a quote that I read last night and loved: "Religion must use law to empower itself and control the people who they need in order to survive. I give you an ability to respond and your response is to be free to love and serve in every situation, and therefore each moment is different and unique and wonderful. Because I am your ability to respond, I have to be present in you. If I simply gave you responsibility, I would not have to be with you at all. It would now be a task to perform, an obligation to be met, something to fail.....That is why you won't find the word responsibility in the scriptures."I've always had this weight of responsibility on my shoulders. The idea that the Lord doesn't place responsibility on me. He wants me to relie on him for my response. This idea really encouraged me in my parenting. The Lord didn't give me these children with the all the responsibility of raising them. He truly wants me to respond to them with his presence.It really is a great book.
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I tan't beweave it
Tonight when Michael was putting Nathan to bed (for the second time, I might add), the convo went something like this:M- Jesus went to heaven.N- we tan't see him.M- no not now but he will come back for us one dayN- does he have a car?M- No, but he's going to come back riding on the cloudsN- I tan't beweave it!
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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday with GG
My Grandma is in the hospital with double pneumonia. I just had a great visit with her. She was telling me stories of her childhood. I have a horrible memory and know I'll forget if I don't write it down. Here are the highlights:~Living by the Plymouth factory, there were railroad tracks close by she remembers riding her tricycle and seconds after she rode over the tracks a train went by. She was so close to it she could feel the wind it created. She said "Someone was watching over me that day." It interesting to think that had she died that day, I wouldn't be here now.~When she was in Cleveland(?) Intermediate School, her class was going to see the Wizard of Oz and her mother designed her a Judy Garland dress (she said she was very creative with her sewing just like my mom) that she absolutely loved. Her mother had funny ideas about hairstyles and put a funny bow around her head, which Grandma removed on the walk to school.~Stories about her mother and stepfather:-He was a great carpentar, he was always working on something. He turned the garage on 1239 St. Louis St into a house that he rented out.-One day he was repairing the boards on the front porch, so he had removed them all. Her mother was inside and heard fire sirens, she ran out of the house and found herself flat on the ground. Grandma chuckled heartly at this even with the crackly lung issue she's having.-Neighbors of her family's grown son passed away and his body was laid out in their house. As her mother and stepfather left her house, they said do not go over there, they don't want you there. So of course she couldn't resist...she doesn't remember going into the house. She just remembers stepping onto the front porch and seeing her mother's car pull up at her house. She said she knew she was in for it (her stepfather's belt) so she hid under a trailer but she "had to come out sometime."-Her stepfather had funny ideas about clothing and her and her sister had to wear funny high top shoes. One day her mother picked them up from school (which was unusual) and noticed no one else was wearing shoes like theirs. She took them directly to the store to buy new shoes.-Her stepfather's handman qualities lead him to steal tools from the Ford factory where he worked, which lead him to be fired. He then changed his name from Ingelman to Ingels and got another job at Ford.
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Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby #4
On Wednesday night we decided to start the adoption process. We have been praying and hoping to adopt for years and have never felt like the timing was right. This last week I felt a stirring in my heart and I talked to Michael about it, we prayed and felt so excited that now is finally the time for us to start this incredible journey. We love our children so much and are so excited to see who the Lord has in store for us to love. We are figuring the process will take close to 2 years so Addie will be around 2 1/2. We are jumping out in faith here. We financially can't afford an adoption but we are trusting the Lord will provide for all our needs, after all He can do more than we can ask or even imagine. How awesome is that? One cool thing that got me started thinking about starting the process is that Michael just finished our taxes. We have a lump of money coming in and it will take a lump of money to get the ball rolling. We generally don't have extra money so I feel like this is perfect timing for us. Right now we are trying to figure out agencies. Right now I think we are leaning towards All God's Children...We'll see where the Lord leads.
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Caleb's 4
Caleb turned 4 this week. It's so hard to believe, he's getting big so quickly. Since he's the oldest and our household is so hectic, I feel like I often overlook how brilliant he is. I expect so much out of him and he is so helpful. Just tonight we were reading a book and he was trying so hard to sound out the words all by himself. He's so smart. He has such a cheerful heart, too. He goes around the house making up songs all day--what's that verse about making music in your heart? He totally does that.He's very good at taking care of Nathan and Addie. It's amazing to me how close they all are. They are constantly keeping tabs on one another. If Nathan's taking a nap, Caleb misses him. He wants to include as many people as he can on his fun adventures.We had many parties for this birthday boy. They started on Sunday and ended on Wednesday. Lots of fun. He wanted cheeseburgers for dinner so Michael grilled out in the freezing cold. We had a soccer theme on his actual birthday and he was so excited when he opened up his soccer gear (I think he knew he was getting the kleats because Michael took him to the sports store). On Tuesday he wore his whole "uniform" to CHUP and when Mrs. Hadley asked him what he got for his birthday he kinda did a Vanna White, started down at his feet and moved his hands up to his head. It was very cute!I just love this boy so much. He always has such an optimistic, adventuresome outlook on life. So full of love and energy. I'm so blessed to have such a great son. The last 4 years with him have definitely been the best years of my life.
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