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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Together for Adoption Chicago

november pix 030

Michael and I got to spend Friday just hanging on in Chicago. We had so much fun walking around. The conference was on Saturday and we had to leave early in order to be back in Lansing for Poppa’s surprise party! So we decided to go early and have a day of site seeing. So much fun.

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My new birthday boots, I really love them and felt like they deserved a picture.  I walked for miles and miles around Chicago and my feet were happy.  Ok, enough boot talk… that was what Michael wanted to say to me many time over the past few days but he’s too nice.

november pix 035

Here’s the view from our awesome Priceline hotel.  Yup, that’s the Magnificent Mile behind me.

november pix 039

Here we are on the hotel terrace.

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We met up with our friend, Steve, later in the evening for some drinks and dessert at the Hancock Building.
november pix 066

Here’s the amazing view from the bathroom at the Hancock building.   The best view in the building.  I took a few pictures so Michael and Steve could enjoy it as well.  
november pix 067

Now for the conference….

It was awesome.  I think having a day sans kids was a blessing because we were able to sit down and listen and not need to decompress from life with kids (if that doesn’t make sense to you than you probably need more kids). 

Vermon Pierre from Phoenix spoke in the morning session….. The God who adopts. Michael said it was the best exposition on Ephesians 1.  That he’s ever heard.  And yes, he said exposition, he’s cute like that.  Since it was awesome, I’ll share some of my notes--

We can’t speak about adoption until we begin to grasp God adoption of us.
His wonderfully scandolous adoption of us.

Ephesians 1:3-5
God chose us before the creation of the world
He talked about the paperwork you fill out to do foster care.  The page tthat most people pass by that says would you be open to a child who likes to start fires?  Run around with knives?  Act out sexually?  Severely impaired- emotionally, psychologically? These are the files that are in the back of the caseworker’s cabinet.  The ones that scream UNADOPTABLE.
We were like that. UNADOPTABLE.  Full of sin, broken, unruly, we were dead in our sins, He chose us in spite of us.

Within the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) there was perfect family.  God was lacking nothing.  True Oneness.
God broke up His family for selfish people when He sent Jesus to Earth.
God planned the violation of his family for the purpose of our adoption.
God was willing to choose me after looking at my file.

Implications of our adoption-
1. We have a new identity in Christ.  A sustainable identity.
2.  Eternal blessing and acceptance..
.The Holy Spirit  . We are blessed and will remain blessed  .  When he sees us He sees Jesus.
3. Purpose behind our adoption.
-We would be holy and blameless (like God)
-We are placed along side of God – Be like our Father
-Act like God-  Graciously place our love on others as He does.  Have choosing love.

Why did he do it?
-He wanted to.  He wanted to show love and grace towards us.
-The heart of our adoption comes from the very heart of God.
-All of it is God initiative.
-God says to us ‘You are son because I choose you!”
Praise God for His glorious grace!

**We also listened to a great talk on global orphans by Dr. John Fuder…..
Making God Visible
Isaiah 1:17  Defend the fatherless
Psalm 82:3 Vindication of the fatherless
Psalm 68:5 Father of the fatherless
Psalm 10:14 Helper of the fatherless
Exodus 22:22  He hears their cry
Zech. 7:9, Prov. 31:8-9, James 1:27- Invites us to care for the fatherless too
Psalm 68:6 God sets the lonely in families
-God’s heart is bent towards the broken
James 1:27 don’t let this say you from going into the world.  Light always wins.
The early church in Antioch took compassion on the orphans.

**Then we heard about an awesome ministry to at risk youth in Chicago – GRIP.   Helping youth is all about building relationships with them.  If you live near Chicago you should look into getting involved with this group…

We had to leave after this breakout.  But were so blessed by the day!


  1. sounds like it was a wonderful conference!

    I am still jealous of the boots...thanks for rubbing it in.


    And your notes are so cool. The conference sounds like your third wheel (me) would've enjoyed it too. I love you guys.

  3. hey can u tell ma what about the adoption in chicago...?