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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blessing Bags

 I have a new love in my life…  I have a long, drawn out excuse explanation as to why I can get sucked into this site.  The short of it is that in the long run it makes me more productive because I do more projects than I used to because of all the great ideas I see pinned.  So who cares that I don’t have time to wash the dishes or do laundry, I’m super busy spray painting random things in my house… tables, shoeboxes, handles (I might need an intervention).

All that to say that I saw an amazing thing on pinned from this site Blessing bags!  And I thought we can and should do that.

Last year we bought a bunch of McDonald’s gift cards and keep them in the car to give to people in need.  It was great and I loved blessing people with the gift cards but I wanted my children to be more involved in the process. 

november pix 018

The kids were so excited about helping.

november pix 019

november pix 020

november pix 022

november pix 023

These ziploc bags are filled with things that someone living on the street might find useful, snacks, socks, tooth brush and paste, etc.  I went to a few stores and stocked up on enough stuff to fill 30ish bags.  Then we had an assembly day (thanks for helping, Grammy).  Now we just need to put some cute hand-made cards inside and add some notecards with verses and they’ll be all set to bless someone. 

This was such an easy thing to do and it helps my kids to think of others who are in need.  I hope that the people who receive them will feel the love of Christ.

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