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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A peek into our Sunday

These days our Sundays are much more relaxed than they used to be. One of the requirements of the internship we are doing is to take a break from traditional church-going and meet as a house church with the other interns. We are on week 4 and it's been really awesome. Here's a little blurb from the beautiful Elena about our time last week and here's another one from Jared.

I love our house church and I'm amazed at the grace that's poured out on our children. It's one thing for Christian's to talk about how we want to be like Christ, but then not live that out. As we spend time in a small setting together, we get to witness the living out of the Word. Our family is especially blessed because we get to watch 7 people love on our children and show what the Body of Christ is like.

So, here's a peek into our Sunday...

After sleeping in late,
Caleb styled the girls' hair.
We also did a lot of reading books and the Bible on the couch

A little dancing (cause that's how we roll)

Some eating and more with the Word

Boy Adventure time....
One of the coolest perks of house church is that we get to pray about how we want to spend the money that we usually tithe to the church.
This month we decided to go out and buy lots of gift certificates to the golden arches and Michael and the boys are off to find people to deliver them to. I'm excited to hear about the adventures the had and the people who the Lord leads them to.

In case you're interested, here a book that I've been enjoying The House Church Book

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  1. Sounds interesting..... :) Love relaxing with church in the home. We did today- because we had a very sick baby :(