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Shine like stars in the universe as we hold out the Word of life (Phil. 2:15)
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

What's next

Addie's hugging/looking at 'baby sista's' picture the day we got our referral packet.

We received our referral call on September 28th and I had all the paperwork filled out, and sent out on the 30th. The packet included the placement agreement, post adoption agreement (sending updates and pictures to Ethiopia each year until baby girl's 18), Ethiopia placement agreement, Medical Review (we had a call with an international doctor who reviewed all the medical records we had), social worker release, media release, travel release, transition plan (I really appreciate the education that our agency gives us. We had a conference call about her transition home and this plan was a 10 page packet about how we can make it easier for our sweet girl to bond with us), and a fatty fee check.

In my head I thought that the sooner I finished it all the quicker we'd get a court date. Bu that's not how it works. More waiting now. We are waiting to get a court date. Courts in Ethiopia have been closed for about 6 weeks now. There were talks of them opening up last night. Anyway, for those of you lovely people who ask, when do you get to bring her home:
-We get a court date, hopefully in November.
-If we pass we make travel arrangements for 3-4 weeks later.
-We bring our baby home!!!
    Mental status update: I'm doing really well. After finding out who our baby is I felt a huge relief. I know that she's safe and being loved on at Hannah's Hope. I also have pictures to stare at!!


  1. Yeah....we are in the same and stuff....but waiting on a date. Maybe we will travel together??? It does help to have the pics. I love studying her face all day long. And I do mean ALL DAY LONG :) I am sure I can get an amen on that!

  2. What sweet photos!! What a sweet sisterhood they will share! I feels so good to have all that paperwork behind you, huh? We received out referral on Sept 10, and are int eh same boat- awaiting a court date, hoping to travel soon, and meet our real life baby! But until, staring at him and lots of praying and praising God!! C'mon, court...

  3. We are overjoyed for you!!! We hope at some point our families can be a part of the same play group:)
    Blessings on you in abundance!!!
    -Adam & Katie Dorband

  4. yay for getting all of that paperwork done so fast! We received our referral last Wednesday. I hope to get ours sent off either tomorrow or tuesday. we are waiting on our homestudy agency. such cute photos of big sister looking at little sister! we are also staring at our baby boy ALL DAY LONG! maybe we will travel together!