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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Can I call him Daddy?"

Caleb, Nathan, and I had an awesome conversation today about adoption. We bounced around from lots of different topics...My sister is in Ethiopia right now picking up her new son, Micah, and we're all so excited. I was teaching the boys some of the important adoption lingo that every 5 and 3 year old should know, like: birth mother, birth father, biological children, etc.

Caleb started thinking and asked "why can't Micah's birth father take care of him?" This is one of those conversations when I think 'should I really be saying these things to my 5 year old?', but I quickly decide yes and keep talking. This time about malaria and how sad it is that Micah's birth father passed away before he was born.

Winding down the heavy conversation I say 'do you have any other questions?' He asks what is adoption- I decide I can brighten this conversation up with telling him that God created adoption and that He adopted us into His family and how awesome that is, that God is now our Father. He said "Can I call him Daddy?" and I melted.

Nathan quickly got bored of our conversation, he just wants our baby to be here now. He loves babies!

Here's their new list of names: Elliana (a friend of ours little baby), Ameena (an Ethiopian name I found online, and Drumroll....Caleb's own ---Contenie. Yup he made that one up all by himself.

He just made me read this to him and noticed that Dora wasn't on the list. Dang, I thought he forgot. He also added another original, Elonie.

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  1. Yes, this post just melted all parts of my heart.

    Can I call him Daddy? Wow. Kids humble me all the time. I love it.